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Business expansion

We assist clients to develop optimal expansion models for their business with emphasis on franchising.

Franchise implementation

We provide guidance regarding the implementation of all the phases of the franchising process including subsequent performance audits.


We review existing operations, pinpoint shortcomings and offer advice on addressing these.


We are a team of franchising experts who are passionate about this industry and dedicated to making every project we undertake a success.

The Basics

The word "franchise" comes from the French language and means privilege or freedom. In a sense, franchising offers people the freedom to own, manage and direct their own business. While starting a business can be a lonely challenge, franchising offers people the opportunity to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. The franchisee owns his/her own business, but the franchisor remains in the picture, providing ongoing training, strategic direction and field support.

The franchisor has developed a proven business formula and brand that it wants to grow further by granting franchises.

The franchisee is a person that seeks a business opportunity that will provide ongoing support.

For The Franchisor

For the Franchisor

For the Franchisor Do you have an existing business that you would like to franchise? Or do you have an existing franchised network that you would like to improve?

Become a Franchisee

Become a Franchisee Are you interested in buying a franchise? Read more to discover how you can do your research to prepare for this big step.

Franchise Services and Products

Services & Products

Franchising Plus is constantly developing products, services and tools to assist franchisors and entrepreneurs in improving the efficiency of their businesses.

Franchise Training

Do you need to train franchise support staff and franchisees? We have a range of training solutions to meet your needs.

Franchise Training Calendar

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Our Clients

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