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Franchise Operations Manual
In franchise companies, operations and procedures manuals are often compiled because they are a requirement of doing business. For many franchisors it is a case of being able to tick the box and so long as they have that “fat file” to prove they have a manual, they feel they are compliant. The sad part however is that the manual is mostly placed on the shelf to gather dust and its policies and procedures are not implemented and applied in the business. In addition to this, communication between franchisors and their franchisees is at an all-time low with many franchisees being of the opinion that they are being left out in the cold.

How to Market Your Franchise

How to market your franchise

By Eric Parker

A number of our clients are commenting that it has become difficult to find good franchisees in the difficult economy.

Let’s start off by considering the market for franchisees.  Like any market this market does change from time to time.

We find this Market to be :-

Dictionary of a Franchise Convention

Dictionary of a Franchise Convention

By Annie Baptiste

On Thursday 7 April, FASA hosted the annual Convention as part of the International Franchise Exhibition.  There were some excellent speakers who shared some interesting information, advice and insights into franchising specifically, as well as business management in general. 

Here are a few terms mentioned throughout the day that will stick with me. Not all of them are new, but may need further explanation as they apply to business today.

Franchising: Great business mechanism but open to abuse

Responsible vs Irrisponsible

By Eric Parker

Recent press reports have cast a negative light on franchising, as franchisees are complaining about the practices of some franchisors. If franchising is implemented correctly it’s a great business mechanism to create wealth for “unnatural” entrepreneurs and create jobs. However limited legislation leaves the mechanism open to abuse.

In the current economy many franchisees from franchises that are not supported adequately will fail, giving the category a bad name.

Let’s look at the difference between a “Responsible Franchisor” and an “Irresponsible Franchisor”

8 Ways franchisors should assist franchisees in an economic downturn

Eric Parker

By Eric Parker

There is little doubt that 2016 promises to be a difficult trading year. We can expect the Rand to devalue further, interest rates to rise, increased taxes and further job cuts. Additionally, the average consumer has maxed his credit limits and finds himself totally over extended and in severe debt. The prevailing drought will also hit the economy and consumers at various levels.

So in this challenging environment, what should the role of the Franchisor be in 2016?