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The 2015 FNB Franchise Leadership Summit Johannesburg: Plan for the future

FNB Franchise Summit 2015 - Plan for the future

Planning for the future was the focus of the fourth annual FNB Franchise Leadership Summit supported by Franchising Plus.

Seldom has the future seemed as interesting, albeit unpredictable, than at the close of 2015. Yes, business and consumer confidence are at 16-year lows, but there are signs that the bottom has been reached. South Africa’s expected GDP growth for 2015 of just above 1% is, as FNB Chief Economist Sizwe Nxedlana noted, considerably better than many other major economies whose fortunes are similarly linked to China’s growth story. At the same time, the political and business worlds in South Africa are experiencing disruption from unexpected directions and on a scale seldom previously seen.

”As the old order is dying, a new order is about to be born”, conference hears

Max du Preez
The rise of broad-based civil disobedience is on the brink of changing the political landscape in South Africa – for the better. Twenty years after the miracle of South African democracy, South Africa faces a challenge of comparable magnitude, said journalist and author Max du Preez, speaking at the FNB Franchise Leadership Summit held in Johannesburg on 12 November.

The nerve-wracking business of disruption

Dion Chang - Flux Trends
Change makes people nervous, and by the rate at which entire industries are being disrupted in the 21st century, many people are looking for advice on just where the next changes might come from. Dion Chang, owner of Flux Trends, as well as journalist and author on the subject, defines his role as one of “getting business people to think differently and so plan how to manage their businesses in an environment of rapid change and disruption”.

Innovation comes from the bottom at McDonald’s

Greg Solomon, CEO: McDoanld's SA
What does one do to sustain a business in the midst of an economic slowdown when consumers and business confidence is low and costs are steadily rising? Greg Solomon, CEO of McDonald’s South Africa told delegates to the FNB Franchise Leadership Summit that “you concentrate on top line growth through innovation”.

Slow and steady the Tasha’s way: from Joburg to Dubai

Natasha Sideris - Tasha's
Tasha’s is the anti-franchise system of the franchise world. It isn’t massive – growth has been intentionally slow and deliberate – but it is well known as a fashionable and quirky restaurant hangout. Owner Natasha Sideris said she did almost the opposite of what every other successful franchise system has done in terms of planning.