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What’s new in franchising?

What’s new in franchising?
By Anita du Toit, Franchising Plus

There has been a proliferation of international franchise brands entering South Africa, including brands like Krispy Kreme, Domino’s and most recently, Starbucks.  While some may be cynical of these brands making it in the local market, it does have a pronounced effect on franchising locally.  Firstly, it creates new awareness about a category.  When Starbucks launched, other local coffee brands made headlines with creative promotions, which raised awareness of the coffee category as a whole.  New brands also bring novel concepts to our shores.  Domino’s is famous for its dessert pizzas and other pizza brands are following suit with sweet offerings.  Consumers end up having more choice as the brands on offer expand.  These new brands also create new job opportunities, not only as part of normal operations but also in the supply chain.  Additionally, international brands are focused on convenience.  Again, the consumer wins as 24/7 service becomes available along with innovative delivery models.

Interest rates, the economy and franchising

Interest rates

By Anita du Toit, Partner at Franchising Plus

There is little doubt that 2016 promises to be a difficult trading year.  On a macro level, the world economy is taking strain with events like Brexit adding to uncertainty and financial woes.  We can expect the Rand to devalue further, interest rates to rise, increased taxes and further job cuts.  Additionally, the average consumer has maxed his credit limits and finds himself over extended and in severe debt. 

Can I franchise my business?

Can I franchise my business?

By Anita du Toit, Partner at Franchising Plus

Entrepreneurs who have grown a successful business may turn to franchising as a route to expand their operations. Like any other business model, franchising has its benefits and drawbacks. Not all businesses – regardless of how original or successful – are ‘franchiseable’.

Social media for franchises | Good examples for ROI

Social Media ROI

Social media for franchises has become the norm for franchise owners who wish to connect and engage with their socially savvy customers. Gone are the days where your franchise can afford to not be on social media.

The challenge for franchisors is education of their franchisees to ensure ROI without losing the essence of the brand in a social world. Jessica McEndoo: Head of Content and Social Media Strategy @ BlueMagnet offers training courses on content strategy and social media to align your team.

She investigated 3 brands who are leveraging social media to the benefit of both their customers as well as their brands. Jessica talks best practice and gives some handy tips on setting out to take the social world by storm.

Social media take-aways

Social Media Take Aways
Social media is no longer the new marketing kid on the block. The social media landscape is maturing, which means that the approaches and tactics that worked a few years ago may not be relevant. In this edition of the newsletter we take a look at how franchisees and franchisors should think about social media.