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Business Doctors introduce themselves to South African Franchisees at the IFE

Business Doctors Logo

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are a key driver for economic growth, employment and social amalgamation. Since 2004 Business Doctors has been helping SMEs in the UK get stronger, stay alive and flourish. They made their debut in South Africa with the assistance of Franchising Plus at the International Franchise Expo (IFE) held at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg through 17-19 May 2012.

Creating Magic – 10 common sense leadership strategies from life at Disney.

Eric Parker and Anita du Toit- Franchising Plus

By Eric Parker and Anita du Toit 

We came across a book at the Exclusive warehouse sale and purchased it for under R20-00.

The wisdom we gained for such a low price was amazing and we would like to share that with you.

The Franchisor of the future – Surviving change and uncertainty

Eric Parker and Anita du Toit - Franchising Plus

By Eric Parker and Anita du Toit

It has been widely reported that the world economy is in a recession. The overall consensus is that we will not see an improvement in the immediate future. So how will this affect franchising and how should franchisors adapt to these new circumstances not experienced to date?

Why McDonald’s continues to thrive no matter what state the economy is in

Eric Parker and Kurt Illetschko - Franchising Plus

By Eric Parker and Kurt Illetschko

Over the past 55 years, McDonald's have evolved from humble beginnings into the world's leading franchised brand. Not surprisingly, the company features frequently in the media but for us, an 8-page article published in Fortune magazine and republished on the internet stood out. It motivated us to analyse McDonald's success secrets and attempt to show how they can be applied by South African franchisors in any business sector.

Choosing winners - Proper franchisee selection process

Eric Parker and Kurt Illetschko - Franchising Plus

By Eric Parker and Kurt Illetschko 

Choosing winners - The importance of a proper franchisee selection process

Granting a franchise is not the same as offering a business opportunity. Whereas a business opportunity revolves around the product or service in question, a franchise is a blueprint to business success. Implementation of this blueprint and this is what makes franchisee selection so important. This article examines the underlying considerations and explains how the selection process is usually carried out.